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Bringing joy and heartfelt connection
through animal visits is our mission!   
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We love animals and people! 

Special visits with our sweet, unique family of animals

is what we're all about!

Spending time with animals is healing in so many ways.

We bring a wide variety from fluffy and furry to scaly!

As a non-profit organization, we offer low to no cost visits for specific communities.  Additionally we offer super fun and educational birthday parties, shows for schools,

special events and more which help fund our mission work!  <3

Visit our visits/events/birthdays page to learn more!

Studies and our experience show that benefits include:

  • Reduced loneliness

  • Cognitive enrichment

  • Use of motor skills and sensory stimulation

  • Calm feelings

  • Boosted self esteem

  • Feelings of care and unconditional acceptance

  • Social stimulation in a positive way

  • Smiles, joy, silliness, laughter, connection

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